Welcome to the Mahone Bay Reflections website.


My studio is located in one of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia’s many classic Victorian era homes, close by the ocean, in one of Canada’s most picturesque seaside towns. The town and its setting provide daily inspiration for my craft.


My work has recently evolved from traditional, Tiffany style, stained glass panels, into a new combination. The new works reflect my love for vintage glass and the stunning combinations I am able to design and execute by combining these two elements. Each heritage glass element or found item inspires my design of a unique, one of a kind, panel, capturing the vintage item in an original, traditional, stained glass background of my own design. The work has evolved into two collections “By the Sea” and “In the Garden”. When you explore the “Current Work” portfolio I believe you will agree that this new approach has generated another layer of interest to a venerable art form. Some pieces have a three dimensional quality and jump from the frame with crystal, Murano glass, and a variety of metals enhancing the panel’s beauty.



Finally, I am available to create unique custom stained glass items for your home or business as you will see in our section on “Custom Work”.

Please explore the rest of my site and I hope you share my enthusiasm for this exciting, fresh combination of elements.


Paula Rabbior

Designer/ Artisan


Recently I have added small, locally crafted, pine cabinets, hand finished in my studio, for which I have designed multi element glass inserts for the doors. The cabinets are again one of a kind and allow you to enjoy them functionally in a bath or entry and in the case of the smaller size, wall mounted almost anywhere.